I'm about at the end of my rope

Dick - richard.cooper@verizonbusiness.com

Posted 2010-09-26

Here is my story and I'm about at the end of my rope.

I've never injured myself but a couple of years ago I when to a 2 day meeting and sat on a wooden bench. I noticed my tailbone hurting but it went away. A few months later it started hurting bad enough to send me to the doctor. X-rays and MRI showed nothing. I was sent to a pain management doctor a couple of years ago and had cortisone injections around every 6 months and had periods of good relief.

About a year ago I noticed that I could feel my tailbone move on occasion. Over the last few months it has gotten to the point where walking causes me pain. I can lie on a couch or bed without any pain. But when I sit now I can feel things moving around all the time and it is very painful. I've asked a few doctors if the 5-6 shots over the last 2 years could have cause the bones to deteriorate and they all said no. I've also see an acupuncturist. No relief.

Has anyone heard of a similar story?


Dick Cooper

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