Pain with certain movements

Elizabeth -

Posted 2010-01-17

My name is Elizabeth and I am here to tell my story. About four years ago I was at work in a fast food restaurant. I was carrying something into the cooler but before I made it there I had slipped on one of those metal things with wheels that hold the bread racks. After walking right into it I began to roll and the next thing I realized I was on the floor. I remember hurting my lower back, possibly my tailbone. Over time I developed pain on my left side of my lower back/buttock.

I never knew what the cause of the pain was until about a year or two ago. I had one day where the pain was the worse and it hasn't been that bad since except when I do a lot of bending and moving around. I remember that day exactly, First I got up from a nap and as I went to sit up I got about half way and it felt like something was being stretched or pulled on kind of like when you pull a muscle. I felt it again when I was leaving to go pick up my boyfriend at the time from work and I got outside, I had dropped my purse on the ground and as I bent down to pick it up and stand back up I only made it half way and the same pulling sensation was felt. At first when I first noticed the pain I thought my back needed to be cracked, but ever since the first time I experienced this pain it has been an occasional kind of pain that typically occurs with certain movements, and also if I sit for too long I notice I have a difficult time standing up right away so I have to take it slow and gradually move myself up in a standing position.

I describe it as nerve pain because occasionally I will also feel the pain radiate down the back of my leg and sometimes in the front as well. I have not seen a chiropractor for this yet. I have seen doctors about this and one doctor I saw gave me some exercises to do, another doctor I saw prescribed me ibuprofen and a third doctor I saw suggested that I try sleeping with a pillow between my legs to help support my spine. The exercises I have tried but I didn't stick with them because they felt uncomfortable to my back and the backs of my legs. I've been thinking about trying the exercises again to see how well they work.

I hope I gave enough information about my condition. Does anyone else have the same kind of pain and if so was it diagnosed by a doctor?



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