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Anonymous - Update - Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, hypermobile type

Stefan - Update - Pain disappears when buttocks are separated

Mike Davison - Update - Success with the surgery

Dina - Update - Success with surgery

Helen Buckthorp - Update - After 13 months of pain, manual therapy cured me in one hour

Kirsten - Update - Pregnant and receiving injections - not related to childbirth after all!

Jen - Update - Please help, I can't take it any more!!

Michelle - Update - Fell off Water Slide.....OUCH!!!!!!

Linda - Update - Coccyx removal

Denise - Update - Fractured coccyx during childbirth

Anonymous - Update - There are excellent alternatives to surgery!

Anonymous - Update - Losing weight made the coccyx more painful

Colin - Update - Cortisone injection seems to be helping

Sharon - Update - Fell asleep in the bath

Brenda - Update - Self-manipulation of the coccyx

Sally - Releasing caught nerve ends

Laurie - The doctor refuses to give me any more medication

James Taylor - My very first broken tailbone

Caroline Martin - Coccydynia after gastric bypass surgery?

Maurice - Jumping injury

Kevin - NMS Solutions helped me immensely

Tony Ryan - Fully recovered after 3 months of painful coccydynia

Manuel - It works!

Anonymous - Update - Removal of pilonidal cyst

Whitfield - Painful sitting and walking after falling down stairs

Jennifer - Had pains in the butt for as long as I can remember

Erin - Help for women with coccyx pain from having a baby

Kim - Temporary fix

Kim - Protruding tailbone

Kelly - Surgery failed, rhizotomy a success

Anonymous - Found a chair that helps

Dorcas - Tailbone pain cured!!!

Deborah - Old tailbone trauma causing problems

Helene - Deformed coccyx - removed!

Karen - Had coccygectomy after other treatments failed

Jody - Operation by inexperienced doctor

Casper - Coccyx doctor recommendation for Finland

Anonymous - Could my fall 35 years ago be the cause of my pain?

Sylvia - Tried everything except surgery

Shar - Doctors acted like I was making the pain up

Monica - Doctors in the Netherlands?

Anonymous - Fell down the stairs a year and a half ago

Rose - Osteopathy treatment

Karen - Update - Bone scan after numerous other scans

Peggy - Born with a long coccyx

Jim - Fell on my wazoo skateboarding - Shapiro made me 90% better

Hillary - Pain came back six years later

Spike - Ulcerative proctitis? IBS? Arthritis?

Gail - Long and deformed coccyx

Donna - Update - I've fallen and I can't get up!

Stubborn Patient - How to get treatment -- my story

Ammon Lovell - Update - Inhaling helium made me pass out

Tim Naus - Need some help badly

Serge - Acupuncture worked for me

CMA - I feel like I have given up on ever getting better

Mada - Coccyx pain without trauma

Anonymous - Will the pain ever go away?!?!?

Nancy - Doctor ordered mammogram (?)

Nad - Muscle spasm caused the pain

Mark - Not decided yet

Marina - Update - Broke my coccyx 3 months ago. I can't take the pain anymore!!

Katie - Jumping off 70 foot cliffs

Jen - Update - Dislocated and fractured

Angie Gray - Travel tips (lying down!) UK to Dr Maigne, Paris

Ooouch - Power boating accident

Anonymous - Pain and a lump or swelling

VB - Sudden pain in the night

Marian - Any doctors in London or surrounding areas?

Jon Ellingboe - Fell backwards in the street, got a bruised tailbone

Hope -Update - Found "my fountain of youth" with coccyx removal

Cheryl - Make a tailbone cushion from kids' swimming noodles

Sharon - Update - Broken T-Bone and surgery to come

Bob Knetl - Coccydynia resulting from unrelated surgical procedure

Anonymous - Coccyx pain after childbirth

Sue Allen - Pain came and went and came back again

Marcel - Could this pain be caused by my coccyx?

Leah - Coccydynia and future children?

Susan - What can I do now?

Rob - I am sure my coccyx is broken

Melissa - Removal of pilonidal cyst caused scar tissue and pain

Malinda - Looking for doctors in Florida

Krys - Will I be able to cycle again?

Antonina Breen - Thirteen year sufferer

Anonymous - I can't think of anything I have done to get this

Wes Harper - Happy ending from nerve stimulator

Anonymous - All terrain vehicle accident

Anonymous - Coccyx bent to 90 degrees

Anonymous - Recovery after two years!

Steph - In need of HELP

Nicki B - Cindy please reply to Nicki B.!

Leslie - Stationary bicycle caused the pain

Angie - Update - Going in for surgery

Susan - Surgery to remove tissue caused a fistula

Pollie - Need a comfortable cushion

Lisa - Roller blading spill

Katie - Update - Scared for doctors appointment

J Barnard - Rectal discomfort

Annie - Any sufferers in NJ, USA?

Kay - Coccyx pain and incontinence

Maggie - Bad fall and terrible 'bruised' feeling

Jack - My experience and theory: post-herpetic neuralgia?

Michelle - Worst pain I've ever experienced!!!

Lauren - Persistent pain - going in for surgery

Elizabeth - Cosmetic problem from tailbone injury

Alan - Pain in soft tissue around coccyx area?

Rosamund - Persistent coccyx pain

Nancy Abdo - Ovary removal left me with tailbone pain that won't stop

Lisa - Fell down the stairs

Kathy - Coccyx doctor in Pittsburgh?

Jean - Pain, pain, pain

Elizabeth - Tailbone - lower legs - feet

Angie - Update - It started with a sneeze

Alex - Tailbone pain from furniture assembly

Debbie - Update - Anal spasms and tail bone pain

Sarah - Update - Seasonal coccyx disorder

Anonymous - Ray of hope

Nicola - Does anything actually help?

Anna - Despairing from Kent

Angelika - Hit by a racing dog

Parker King - Acute coccyx pain

Lance - Excessive movie watching as cause of coccyx pain?

Vicki - Injection worked!

Jayne Gerrard - Piriformis syndrome post surgery

James Morris - Coccyx treatment - just had the injection of corticosteroid

Anonymous - Update - Sleeping position caused pain

Rebecca - Thank God I am not alone

Pamela Bishopp - Office chairs with coccyx cut-out - great for home or office

Lori - Can anyone recommend a doctor in the Seattle or Bellevue area?

Bob Knetl - Update - Coccyx cutout chairs

Dee - Tailbone pain after bone from hip removed

Anonymous - Tailbone pain and pregnancy

CJ - No pain when sitting, very painful going from standing to sitting

Anonymous - Pain in the end of the tailbone

Tasha - Huge pain

Rebecca - Childbirth complications

Ashley Loomis - Tailbone removal

Anonymous - Finding a doctor in Washington

Yvonne - Tailbone had done a U-turn to point outwards

Patrice - Prozac and Dr Sarno's book

Nicki B - Tailbone pain caused by rare tumor called chordoma

Kristy Chapman - Pain for 5 years, now going to have tailbone removed

Gogeomol - Fell over the cat

Stacy - I can't sit and I'm at my wit's end

Melissa - Pregnancy and childbirth led to coccyx pain

Matt - I backed into a water heater

Donna Gibson - Wanted to share it at last

Anonymous - I can't sit or stand for long after a fall

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