All terrain vehicle accident


I have to say I can identify with these postings on this page. One month ago I was involved in an ATV [all terrain vehicle] accident while going up a very steep hill. The ATV and myself went backwards. I feel actually, although my tail bone was injured, I am very fortunate the injury wasn't higher up.

Now the predicament. I cant go from sitting to standing for any amount of time without terrible pain. I am a Registered Nurse, so most of my job is a lot of both. After a 12 hour shift, I have to literally lift myself out of my car. When I am off for a few days it seems to get better, but like most people I cant live the life of Riley, and not work.

After reading this page. I am glad I am not alone. Its just a type of injury I don't want to discuss to much with peers....:)

Updated 2003-06-15

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