Found "my fountain of youth" with coccyx removal

Hope from Jacksonville, Florida -

Original posting, 2003-06-29:

I seem to have found my own "fountain of youth" with my recent coccyx removal. This was done this year, 2003, by a wonderful orthopedist, Dr. Greg Keller, of the Jacksonville orthopedic Institute, here in Jacksonville, Florida. I was a semi-invalid, for 25 years, suffering from lower back pains and coccyx pains. I had various tests, even x-rays, mri's and so forth, these did not show my problem. I had various treatments, some on my own, hot packs, ice packs, massages, other, chiropractic treatments, epidurals, and all those type things. Plus, was on very strong pain and muscle spasm medications, like oxycontin 30, 4 times a day, with very little relief. Naturally, a lot of bedrest, but NO SITTING. If I tried to sit, extreme, excruciating pains would occur, and would almost faint, from this.

Some doctors seemed to think I was hypochondriac about this pain, one even stated that, others may have done so too. Yet, I have to say that this wonderful Dr. G. Keller, did not seem to think this about me. He took me for being serious, and truthful, which I really was. I thank the Lord, for helping to get to see this doctor.

Dr. Keller did my injection testing, which proved the coccyx was a problem for me. He gave me choice of either continuing these injections, or surgery. I opted for the surgery. He did my coccyx removal surgery, by a new method, less invasive than older types, and done from above the coccyx, as well. He discovered my coccyx, had not fused itself, in my childhood, as most do. He found my coccyx joints, were "open". Thus, the coccyx, was moving (wagging), as I tried to sit down, and was the cause of my excruciating pains. Oh, boy. Wowee!!

What great and numerous wonderful things have to me, since this surgery, was done. Here is just a small example of these

There are lots more, yet too numerous to list here.

Thank you, Hope

Update, 2003-07-19:

One x-ray, of the coccyx, did show some "arthritis", and since it is known to be in joints, and also known to have "drawing, burning, and pain" sensations, to be considered arthritis, some of my discomfort must have been from that, too.

I, myself, being age 59, white female, and obese, (chubby and overweight) all my life, have never been able to feel "full" when eating. Well, now I can, feel full that is. So, I am hoping weight loss, will be easier for me now, too.

I can relate to some others, whom have been in "comas" for several years, and suddenly awake to find any number of changes around them.. For example one instance of many with me, is that I had been going to same grocery store area, for several years with my husband (me lying in seat), and walking some to shop, and get groceries. I suddenly notice a new store in the shopping center, where we shopped regularly at. I decided to tell others about it, and they started telling me, hey, that store has been there, some 6 or 7 months, now. I was sceptical, so I asked the clerk, she said they had indeed been there 6-7 months. I am feeling more youthful, and happy, about myself now, I keep feeling, time has somehow been rolled back some for me, of which I am soo very thankful. I am constantly trying to "catch up" on past concerns, this alone keeps me very busy.

Hey, catch this; My husband now even calls me his "21 year old Bride". Things, can't get much better than that! Some are; even my vision is improved!!

That's it for now. Best of Luck, to everyone. from; "Hope"

Update, 2004-08-29:

Yes, I am still doing Great! Good Luck to all others!

Thank God, for "Jon's" wonderful site

Most Sincerest,

"Hope" U .S. A.

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