Deformed coccyx - removed!

Helene -

I'm a 22-year old girl living in Germany, and I've always suffered from coccyx pain - because my coccyx was deformed. Three months ago, I finally found a surgeon, who removed my coccyx completely and a little part of my sacrum.

In the following I try to explain how my coccyx looked like before (some things are very difficult to explain in English). I was born with a deformed coccyx: it was protruding outward and too long! Normally, the coccyx can't be seen from outside, but mine was visible - it was like a sharp elbow which came out of the skin. So it wasn't curved like a normal coccyx, but went straight down until it made an acute angle (80 degrees) and then it went inside the body. When sitting, I sat on this bone, and it always caused pain! I couldn't lie on my back either. Further, my sacrum had two little protrusions which were also disturbing. You could feel the bone, and you could see it, because it was very big! The tissues around the coccyx were always pressed. Two years ago, I fell on my back (on the floor) and my coccyx was broken. Therefore, the pain got even worse, of course. Whenever sitting (and as many of you know, we unfortunately sit almost the whole day), I sat on a pillow with a part cut off, and wherever it was possible, I used ice packs, which really was a very big help. My mind was always occupied with this bone, because it hurt all the time, so often I couldn't concentrate on other things.

It has always been my greatest wish to have my coccyx removed, but I couldn't find any doctor who would do it or who even heard about my special problem. I visited several doctors, but everybody told me the same: "I've never seen something like this", "The risk is too big", "It could get even worse, because it might not heal", "The tissues are joined with the bones, so the area wouldn't be stable any more", "You are a young woman with your life in front of you". I was absolutely desperate - I even fell into depression because of this problem. But then, I finally found a surgeon who would do the operation, even if it is a risk (which is always the case). And he told me that with this deformed coccyx, I couldn't even have children because the child wouldn't have the space to develop itself!

The surgery was done in the "St. Johannis Krankenhaus" in Landstuhl (near Kaiserslautern) (see the list of doctors and specialists in Germany). It was Dr. Hauck and his colleagues - very skilled surgeons - who carried out the surgery. I'm so happy with the result! Although it will never be absolutely normal, because the shape of the sacrum is not normal either (I can still feel it and see it a little bit), it is so great, that this disturbing bone is away!! It still hurts very much, but I hope and I think, that after a year this will be over. Perhaps it will never really stop hurting, but I can cope with this, because now I can lie on my back and I can lean backwards (although it hurts) since this stupid bone is removed.

If you are in a similar situation and you donut know where to go - I can recommend the hospital mentioned above.

Good luck to everybody!


Updated 2003-10-26

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