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Mark -

I have not decided yet too have this surgery yet, it is still in the planning stage. I have fully enjoyed your website, and have been reading through the personal results. However, if I may present a question that I am concerned about. My doctor presented questions about my bowel movements and urinating experience as well as my intimate relationships with my wife.

I was wondering if there were any side affects with this type of surgery that would effect this? Also, controlling the movements of your bowels, is also a concern after the surgery is complete?

Thank you for receiving these questions. My wife and I have concerns for these areas before making a decision.


Note from Jon Miles:

Coccyx problems (without surgery) can cause problems with bowel movements or sexual intercourse in some people. No permanent problems in these areas as a result of surgery have been reported in the medical papers covering more than 200 operations. While you are recovering from surgery, you should avoid becoming constipated because that could make bowel movements painful.

If you are thinking of surgery, make sure of two things: that you are a good candidate for surgery, and that your surgeon has plenty of experience and success with this operation.. See the page on coccygectomy for more details.

Updated 2003-08-10

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