Coccydynia after gastric bypass surgery?

Caroline Martin -

I run a group for those who've had gastric bypass surgery (weight loss surgery, aka WLS) and apparently pain in the tailbone area upon sitting for any extended length of time is a VERY common experience for MANY WLS patients. Some theorize that it is due to weight loss and the loss of "cushioning", although speaking from personal experience, this doesn't fit. I've lost a lot of weight before and never experienced this pain. It started only after my having WLS, and it also started when I was still VERY obese. Surely, I still had enough cushioning. LOL

Have you heard from anyone else who is experiencing this pain only after having WLS, and do you have any insight as to what may be occurring? Also, are there any immediate steps that can be taken to deal with the pain? I did ask my WLS surgeon about this and he said that it's possible that there may be a nerve in my lower back that may have been irritated by the surgery, but he has never seen any studies about this, and he's never heard it addressed by fellow WLS surgeons.

Any insight you might have would be GREATLY appreciated! And, likewise, please feel free to add Gastric Bypass Surgery as another possible precursor to having coccydynia.

Best regards,

Caroline Martin

Updated 2003-12-14

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