Releasing caught nerve ends

Sally -

Initially my surgery site below the remaining coccyx segments was soft. It is now almost as hard as the bone it replaced.

Another t-bones member warned me that getting nerve ends trapped is a potential problem. This unfortunate lady has had a terrible time with hers.

I asked my surgeon and my GP, neither were of any help. I was fortunate to find a very good physical therapist. I was at almost 4 weeks when I finally found him; he said the ideal time is 3 weeks. He explained that the cut nerve ends swell slightly and are what he called "a bit sticky". This gets caught up in scar tissue and held firmly. He was able to free mine before the scar tissue set.

While working on me he explained what he was doing so I'll repeat it here for those willing to have a partner give it a go. He was feeling over the last remaining coccyx segment and could quite easily feel the nerve as it ran over the top of the coccyx, this was caught in the surgery site below the bone, he felt it give as he was moving it around, he thought I would feel it 'twang", but I didn't.

I had an appointment the following week and he had me lay on my back, I put a fist under one buttock so I wasn't flat on my back, none of us can lay flat. With my legs extended straight out he lifted the right one quite high and across to the left side of my body, this hurt initially, he then did the same with the left leg, this didn't hurt. He then re did the right one, this time it didn't hurt; I presume he had released a nerve end that was caught with the first stretch of the right leg. He probably did this leg stretch on my first visit also, I don't recall.

I hope this will be helpful to those who have had surgery in the last month.

Cheers Sally C. from down under

Updated 2003-12-21

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