Doctors acted like I was making the pain up

Shar -

In Feb 2003, I was at a store and picked up a 20 pound box from the shelf, I was holding it in my hands when another 20 pound box fell on me and hit the box I was holding. That made 40 pounds. Right away, I got a severe headache, had the headaches for over 2 month. I also felt something like a pulled muscle in my right side and pain down my right leg. Well a few days later my tail bone started hurting. It felt like a throbbing pressure kind of pain. I went to a pain management doctor and had 3 nerve blocks and injections in my tail bone.

I spent 5 months with this doctor and just last week when the last injection didn't work, he informed me that he didn't know what was causing the pain or what to do about it. he just dismissed me. I was so hurt and mad about all the money I had spent for nothing. He acted like I was making this pain up. I can't sit down, I can't drive over 15 minutes, I have to sleep way over on my left side and sit from side to side. Can anybody tell me who to see about this pain?

The store's insurance is supposed to pay for the medical bills, so far they haven't, but if this doctor tells them that he don't know what is causing the pain, then what am I going to do? I had an MRI and bone scan and emg's and nothing showed up. Can anyone help?

Thank you


Updated 2003-10-12

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