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I incurred two back injuries as a teenager some twenty-five years ago: first, I struck my tailbone on a rock falling down a ski hill; second, I misjudged a flip and landed flat on my back/sacrum, apparently injuring some ligaments. Though I was sore from these accidents and walked a little slow for a couple days I didn't seek medical care and thought I'd recovered.

In my 20's I started having low back pain and sacroiliac stability problems. I saw several doctors who failed to diagnose my problem correctly. I continued to have low back pain, sciatica, muscle spasm and neck strain sporadically throughout my 20's and 30's.

Finally a sports therapist I knew referred me to Dr. Kemper and Dr. Wooley (aka NMS Solutions) [see list of doctors and specialists in the USA].. Apparently a normal coccyx should have a potential range of motion of 50-90 degrees. Having slammed mine against a rock it had healed/stuck in a forward position and had zero range of motion. The treatments (manipulation) were uncomfortable and somewhat painful but the results were impressive. After the first treatment my back felt better and my pain less. After about the 5th treatment my sciatica disappeared for good. My forward flexibility has improved to where I can now touch the floor again (I was 18" away before). I've had probably 12 manipulations altogether, 2 under sedation. The coccyx treatments eliminated all my pain issues and the majority of my back problems.

The second part of my treatment has involved Prolotherapy injections for my sacroiliac and low back ligaments - these results have been equally impressive. My low back had always felt like a weak link and frequently something would slide out of place. My leg and butt muscles were chronically tight (apparently trying to hold things together) and my walking motion had become rigid. My symptoms included low back pain, joint instability and chronic tight hamstrings. As soon as the Prolotherapy induced healing kicked in: my pelvis and low back feet strong, my leg muscles finally relaxed and my walking motion has returned to normal. I've had 2 rounds of Prolotherapy treatments and will going for my 3rd next month.

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Updated 2003-11-30

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