Removal of pilonidal cyst


Original posting, 2003-11-09:

My pilonidal cyst started when I was at scout camp for summer. I was a counsellor. I fell over a bench. I had surgery on September 11 and a week later I didn't know but it all started all over again. Well the doctor that done the surgery told me I was fine. My parents took me for another opinion.

Well I'm 17 now, had the second surgery in July 2003 and now I'm on my third recurrence. I'm a little tired of it but I know I am dealing with this cyst. My doctor now is talking about doing muscle reconstruction.

Reply, 2003-11-23:

This E-mail is for the young man "Anonymous" who wrote about a pilonidal cyst on November 9th. My son came back from his freshman year at college with a pilonidal cyst. It scared us when we shaved his butt crack and found not only the infected cyst at the top of the crack...but a half dozen other "pin holes" along his crack. These non-infected pin holes sometimes has several un-rooted hair pieces sticking out of them. Never knew if hair came from inside or outside.

Well, to make a long story short, on the internet, we found a lady who told us how she treated her son (charged $3.00 ?????). We applied natural vitamin E to the butt and all holes healed in two weeks. The infected cyst took 14 months but is now healed. My son applies vitamin E three times a week to promote skin growth and trims his hair in his but crack and lower back with a mustache shaver. It's been two years now with no recurrence. Vitamin E is a miracle cure for pilonidal cysts.

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