Doctor ordered mammogram (?)


I read the postings on the coccyx pain website and took such great comfort. I have had unexplained pain for about 5 months. It hurts most when getting up from sitting or while sitting if I've been there for awhile. The pain is at the very tip of the bone and very localized.

I had a doctor tell me to get a CAT scan and mammogram. I asked him why the mammogram and he said that bone pain is often due to metastisized breast cancer. I freaked out and have been panicked ever since. My tests are tomorrow.

My head tells me he made a huge leap and it is totally unreasonable to tell someone they think they could have bone cancer when they haven't even been diagnosed with the breast cancer it was supposed to have come from!

Sincerely, Nancy

Note from Jon Miles:

Nancy's symptom (an acute pain while rising from sitting) is typical of a coccyx that dislocates when you sit down. I have never heard of a doctor ordering a mammogram because of coccyx pain, and this is not a test that is suggested by doctors who are expert in this field.

Updated 2003-08-10

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