Ovary removal left me with tailbone pain that won't stop

Nancy Abdo - nancndon@aol.com

November 5, 2002 I had an uneventful surgery to remove my left ovary.

I woke up in pain (tailbone) and immediately thought that the surgical team had dropped me on the table.

It has been 7 months since then and I literally cannot sit or stand without pain. Every moment of my day is wrapped up in trying to deal with the pain in my tailbone.

I was told by a orthopedic doctor that the ovary is anchored to the tailbone and when it was pulled out of the small laparoscopic incision that this disturbance may have damaged my tailbone leading to my pain. This does not seem fair to me and I would have much rather had a large incision that would have healed slower instead of this life sentence of pain in the name of a fast recovery from surgery to remove my ovary.

If anyone has suffered similar situation - please email me to let me know how it is going.


nancy abdo

Updated 2003-04-27

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