Coccyx doctor in Pittsburgh?

Kathy -

If anyone knows of a doctor in Pittsburgh please let me know.

Ten months ago I had my daughter and right away knew something was wrong. It seemed like no one really believed anything was wrong. After seeing doctor after doctor I am very frustrated. I have had some pretty ridiculous opinions from them. It seems that some of you out there say you need to find a doctor with experience in this particular area. I am having trouble finding one.

Everyday I wake up and know that I am going to have another difficult time. I am 23 years old, just married, and we own a bar. Thank god I don't work for anyone else or I would have been fired a long time ago. There is not a week that goes by where I am doing everything I can to not go to the ER because I just can't take it anymore. This has severely affected every aspect of my life.

If anyone knows a doctor in Pittsburgh that has dealt with this please let me know.



Updated 2003-04-27

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