Pain came and went and came back again

Sue Allen -

I have been in pain since September last year. It went away for a while as I thought I must have pulled a muscle and it would gradually heal itself. I then had a recurrence a few months later and then another a few months later.

I have had the doctor examine my back passage and found no problems, had lots of blood tests and then an x-ray and still no diagnosis. I went to the doctors last week yet again because I was just in so much pain! The doctor diagnosed coccydynia and prescribed yet again coproxamol and Voltarol (Diclofenac sodium). The Voltarol does not help and I hate taking the strong painkillers but find myself in so much pain that I have no choice.

I was so pleased to find this site as I thought like many that I must be the only one in the world suffering this awful pain and no one listening to me! I will now at least have the peace of mind I am not on my own!

Sue Allen

Updated 2003-07-06

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