Excessive movie watching as cause of coccyx pain?

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Last week, I attended a local film festival and, trying to squeeze out the most value for the price of entry, saw 35 screenings in 9 days. Some days I would see as many as five movies. I noticed after one of the 5-movie days that my butt was sore at the point of the coccyx. I found this mildly amusing and even joked about it to friends as it was not really that uncomfortable.

Two days after the last of the movies, I still felt some minor soreness, but by the end of the day as I climbed into bed, the soreness had increased. I spent all night last night waking up with an acute stabbing pain in my coccyx every time I made a move in my sleep. Today I called into work sick and saw my regular physician, who diagnosed me with coccydynia. The pain is not constant, but triggers very acutely with even the most subtle movements if they somehow include the coccyx and its immediate surrounding tendons and muscles.

This is the strangest and most interfering pain I think I've experienced in my life. I've always taken a healthy musculoskeletal system for granted and I have a newfound respect and sympathy for people with chronic back problems. I've only been out of commission for twenty four hours and it's already driving me nuts. Especially frustrating is knowing I'm about to experience a burst of sharp pain every time I sneeze, cough or hiccup. I can walk around some, but I must do everything very slow and cautiously and with some flare-ups. I've already set up an acupuncture appointment for tomorrow and have great faith in this form of treatment.

Thank you for setting up this website. I especially appreciate your cautioning remarks at the top of the personal experiences section. As someone facing this for the first time for an extremely recent period, it's important to remember that promptly cured cases probably go underreported in a forum like this one. Anyway, I just wanted to share my own experience, because the apparent cause of my pain is a little unusual, but yet could easily happen to someone sitting in a reclined posture for extended periods of time.

Updated 2003-03-23

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