They told me this was all in my head

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Original posting, 2002-11-24:

This is just to say that I am finally going to go for a "referral" to an orthopedic surgeon this afternoon. We have HMO's over here and everything has to go by the insurance company first. Forget the fact that I am in such intense pain with my coccyx I can barely sit for more than a minute.

Jon, I won't go into any indepth long boring story but I have suffered with coccydynia for almost 20 years and no one will listen to me.....including my 1990 visit to our esteemed Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. who told me this was all in my head.

I broke my tailbone in 1988 and also have Fibromyalgia Syndrome........ but I do thank you for your help in all of this painful misery.

Update, 2003-05-04:

Dear Jon and all other pain sufferers,

Hoped to have immediate relief from injection but find I am still in pain. Have to write this standing up. Thankfully because of your site, I found a good pain specialist in Miami, two hours from our home near Palm Beach.

Perhaps relief will come in a day or you believe this can happen? I am scheduled for physical therapy in a few days so will see how this will work out. We have to drive back down to Miami to see the physical therapist......the drive causes me to have to lie down in the back seat all the way with pillows under my body.

This whole thing has made me so depressed........I do have medication and we shall see how the whole thing pans out.

Does anyone else feel the need to vent like I do?

Thanks for your site once again.

Diane Kramer

Update, 2003-08-03:

I've written before and want to bring my coccydynia story up to date. I went to the hospital for a week and thought I was well but coccydynia has appeared again. Forget the shrink for me, he was 45 minutes late for our appointment and I was hurting very badly by "nerves" were shot, so to speak, and my husband and the doctor exchanged some harsh words and the psychologist told us the meeting was "over"; we left at that point. Leo (my husband) and I decided to go to our family doctor and he gave me some different medications but I am still not well today.

My stepson and his wife, Audrey, are going to be here later today. Unfortunately, Audrey's step-sister killed herself with a shot to the head. As you may imagine, this has been upsetting. I didn't know her step-sister but have to pull myself together for Audrey. I also feel my husband's son will have to be strong for Audrey, too. This is such a mess for me right now with my butt problem, it is tough trying to sit down.

My sense of humor is keeping me afloat, so to speak.

Love to all of you,

Diane Kramer

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