My experience and theory: post-herpetic neuralgia?

Jack -

Dear Friends,

I am a registered nurse in Austin Texas. In nursing school, 23 years ago, I developed coccyxdynia. There was no injury or anything. The pain just started. I can remember the day it started and thinking, "why is my tailbone hurting? It has not let up since, (but has not progressed in severity). That is when I started the aspirin. I switched to Ibuprofen years later. Thank God that this medicine works because the pain becomes severe without it.

I have read with interest and sympathy some of the stories on this page. I was so concerned about the lady who fractured her coccyx in childbirth and is pregnant again. I will pray that you get relief.

For me, sneezing can really cause a flare up. Anyone else?

I have theory that some coccyxdynia pain may be associated with an herpes infection. Viruses live in nerve plexuses. I think my pain started not long after I contracted this virus. So I can help but think that there is a link with my pain and this infection. Post-herpetic neuralgia? Who knows.

Thank you, Jon, for the site. I may seek help for an ortho guy to discuss some alternate treatments rather than continue with 800mg Ibuprofen a day.

God Bless,


Updated 2003-05-11

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