Sleeping position caused pain


Original posting, 2003-03-02:

I checked out this site a couple of weeks ago to find out what might be the cause of my coccyx pain. 

I realized that I usually sleep in a crouched macaroni position. I think that may be the cause to my coccyx pain because when I changed my sleeping position to laying straight flat on my back, my coccyx pain stopped.

So maybe others can try this too. 

Reply from Jessica, 2003-03-16:

Just replying to Anonymous on her message about improper sleeping positions.

I sleep in a macaroni position as well. I find it hard to lie straight on my back because I find that I over stretch my back overnight and find my back sort of elongated when I wake up in the morning. I can't sleep on one pillow because it feels too flat so I sleep on 2 instead. But then that bothers my neck. It just seems as if I've tried about all different types of positions for sleeping and if its not my neck its my back. But my back is killing me now. I cant sleep because it hurts, I find it hard to roll over to my side, I cant sit for a long period, I can't arch my lower back at all, can't put on my socks.. can't stand for long periods . . to the point where I need someone to pull up a chair for me. I've yet to see a doctor for it. I hope its got something to do with my sleeping positions. It just happened today when I woke up from sleep. It is definitely not a pinched nerve!

Kinda scared. Just wanted to share my experience.


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