Coccyx bent to 90 degrees

Anonymous -

I am 25 years old. As far as I remember I have had this excruciating coccyx pain for the past 3 years. I always had a dull ache in that area but didn't think anything of it, until I started to work full-time where I had to sit for 8 hours. I have been in one major accident which could have ruined my coccyx, back when I was 8 years old, and when I was 15 I remember falling on the ice and my coccyx hurting for days. I have also been diagnosed with having a scoliosis, so I don't know if that is linked to my coccyx either.

So finally I decided to see a GP who sent me to a bone scan. The results came positive which said that there was small uptake of the trace around coccyx area (the radioactive pill which supposed to color hot areas) which could be causing inflammation.

That doctor had no clue of what to do, so he sent me to a rheumatologist thinking could be arthritis, of course to no avail. That doctor had no clue either but he sent me to get X-rays done. Less than two weeks later he called me, then I realized something was up. The results showed that my coccyx is bent to 90 degree forward, and to the side, maybe caused by my traumatic fall? It also said that they couldn't see any lesions but they suggest a CT scan if my bone scan showed anything abnormal too.

That doctor sent me to a physiatre who said of course that he doesn't have experience with my kind of thing and that I would need manipulation from an osteopath. I have been seeing an osteopath every 3 weeks for the past 10 months, a bit of relief but the pain is still there when I sit.

My pain usually is after sitting for a long time, I have been using the doughnut at work which is the only thing that seems to be working. I don't want to also be using it at restaurants or outings. If I don't have the doughnut I will keep on changing positions when I sit.

Finally the physiatre thought to get me to do the injections which I am against. God knows what could go wrong and from what I have heard it doesn't solve the problem. He is sending me now to get a CT scan done to make sure there is nothing more to it! My fear is the unknown or maybe the worst of what the results could show, but if the results already showed that its bent, what else do they need to find on the scan.

It seems like I have to live with this pain for life, also something else that scares me is childbirth, my gyno said its possible it breaks and that it will heal!

I hope my story was helpful! I would like it if anyone that has experience with coccyx that is bent, would email me their stories.

Updated 2003-06-08

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