Had pains in the butt for as long as I can remember

Jennifer - jenn.horton@europe.com

I have had "pains in the butt" for as long as I can remember (no injury ever occurred). I was the person in the classroom who was always shifting in my chair or getting up to stand in the back. I figured that everyone's bottom became sore after sitting for extended periods of time and that I was just a wimp who couldn't take the pain. That was all before I came across this website.

My husband and I are stationed in Germany. He is on active duty and I am a reservist in the Air Force. Since we have been over here (two and a half years) we have made a couple trips to and from the states. That is when I REALLY noticed the pain. I even started experiencing the sharp pain when going from a sitting to a standing position.

After our recent trip from the states I went online and typed in "pains in the butt". That is how I came across this site. I was ecstatic! My husband thought that I had won the lottery when he saw me reading all of the info. Of course he thought I was a little crazy but I was so relieved to see that I was not!!

The next day I made a same-day appointment with my physician. He examined me and took an x-ray. The x-ray only showed that I have a "hooked" or "rounded" coccyx. My physician gave me a prescription of Naproxen (did not help) and gave me a referral to Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Since Landstuhl Regional Medical Center is very busy these days I was referred off base to a German specialist. The doctor is wonderful but I am afraid that she won't be able to help. Unfortunately I have to see her 9 more times because that is what the military paid for. I am hoping that when I am finished with her she will refer me somewhere else. We'll just have to see.

I have to mention an awesome coincidence! A couple of nights ago I was reading the new experiences when I came across a letter from Helene. She recently had her coccyx removed at the German hospital just down the street from where I live. The clinic I am being seen at is on the same street as her doctor. I never thought I would see anything like that so close to home! So thank you for this site!

Good luck to everyone. I hope you all find the help and success you need.


Updated 2003-11-16

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