Tailbone had done a U-turn to point outwards

Yvonne - ynantais@nc.rr.com

My fifteen-year-old daughter suffered for a year with tailbone pain and the future was looking grim, as no one could figure out what was wrong. From your website I found the information about Dr. Leon Dickerson at Charlotte Orthopaedic Specialists in North Carolina. No one here in Raleigh could help my daughter, including a doctor at Duke University, who was quite adamantly against surgery but could offer no other help than a referral to a pain clinic. We travelled on my daughter's spring break last April and met Dr. Dickerson. He inspired us with great confidence and saw things on the x-ray that were not apparent to anyone else. We scheduled surgery for early June and Dr. Dickerson removed my daughter's tailbone completely. As it turned out, her tailbone had done a complete U-turn and begun to turn outward instead of inward. It had just finally grown to the point where she was sitting on the tip and irritating it. The resultant inflammation caused her great pain and limited her movement greatly. She had to give up marching band and softball and was becoming very depressed.

Seven months later, my daughter is nearly 100 percent well. She was able to march a snare drum in the Christmas parade and is looking forward to softball season in March. She now only experiences mild discomfort from long periods of sitting. But then so do I! So her father and I feel that she was completely cured. Whatever the future problems or weaknesses that she may have, and the doctor expects none, we are very sure we made the right decision for a young woman whose life was being ruined by pain.

I have sent a Christmas card to Dr. Dickerson thanking him for his good work, but I would never have found him if it were not for your website and the information submitted there. I would have travelled anywhere to find help for my daughter, but wouldn't have known where to start on my own! No doctor here knew of anyone experienced in this surgery.

I realize my daughter's experience is different from many whose pain is a result of injury, and she healed well and quickly in part because of her youth. But if any person visiting your website has reached a point where they are considering a surgical option for their pain, I can only recommend a consult with Dr. Leon Dickerson in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are forever indebted to him for his care of our daughter, and to you for making this valuable information available to us. Thank you.

Updated 2003-01-19

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