Tailbone pain cured!!!


I had chronic tailbone pain for 3 years - it completely ruled my life - no long car rides, no long movies, etc. I had cortisone shots 3 times a year in the tailbone - which saved my sanity. It would be good for about a month or so after each shot. There are doctors that will do this for you. Don't go to any that want to do it under fluoroscopy etc, because it's no better and much much more expensive.

I did find relief in an unusual cure - I started taking Glucosamine/Chondroitin tablets (500 mg. of each in each pill) 3 times a day with food FAITHFULLY. After about 4-5 weeks of this medicine, my tailbone was getting better. I have been shot free for 2 ½ years now and only minimal irritation every once in a while if I sit too long at the computer. Apparently, this medicine works as a joint healer which I guess the tailbone is. My pain was severe each time I went from a sitting to standing position. It got so bad that I was becoming depressed. The shots would help with a bit of relief, but thank GOD I found this arthritis formula Glucosamine/Chondroitin because it saved my life. I like the Swanson Solorex brand via net the best because they are not chalky, but Walmart carries a brand too.

Just wanted to share this with you to try.

Updated 2003-11-02

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