Roller blading spill

Lisa in San Francisco -

I fell very hard yesterday on my tailbone while roller blading for the third time in my life. The impact with which I hit the pavement was startling. I have a high tolerance for pain in general, but the last 24 hours has proven to be semi-unbearable. I sit at work right now with a frozen bottle of water wedged between my back and my seat. The only position that feels comfortable is a twisted one.

I am a bit scared after reading the experiences on this site. It does seem like this is no quick healing injury. I just turned 40, and still have hopes of giving birth in the next year or two (I have not had a child as of yet) Of all of the obstacles that I have fathomed in my mind, this was not one of them.

I would appreciate any advice from people who have learned from injuries such as this. My instinct is telling me to just rest, but is there anything else that I could do at this early stage?

Thank you so much

Updated 2003-05-18

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