Could my fall 35 years ago be the cause of my pain?

Anonymous -

For the past two months I have been having constant coccyx pain. At first I thought it was from sitting down a lot at the computer at home. My work requires some sitting, standing and walking. I took some Alive for the pain and at first it helped but now it just helps some but the pain never goes away. It hurts when I walk, cough, make sudden movement and must be careful how I get up from a chair and my right hip sometimes hurts, too.

I am now going to be 50 years in a couple of months, but when I was about 15 years old I fell down some stairs at school landed on my tailbone and broke it. It healed after several months, had some very light pain through the years, ignored it and went about my life. I can't ignore this pain this time. Could this be from my early age fall? Now the pain is to the point I have to take Alive regularly. I find this very odd but can't think of any other reason why I have constant pain and feeling of swelling.

I will be seeing my doctor this week and plan to mention my pain to him and see what he thinks and recommends.

Updated 2003-10-19

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