Stationary bicycle caused the pain


I injured my tailbone on a stationary bicycle on March 4, 2003. It was the one and only time I've ridden a stationary bicycle. I didn't realize it at the time, but the next day the pain was so bad I could not even sit down. It took 8 full weeks to heal the injury, and, even now, I am still just 95% recovered. But, nonetheless, through a self-administered treatment program, I can now ride my regular bicycle with only a little pain now and then (I'll never, ever, go near a stationary bicycle again).

The program:

I resumed bicycling with a saddle made by Specialized. It's called a "body geometry" saddle, and has a wedge-shaped cut-out area at the back of it. This saddle, in combination with padded cycling shorts, makes cycling possible.

I'm sending best wishes and all my love to all of the tailbone sufferers out there. I know the pain. And I thought I'd never heal. I thought I'd never be able to pursue my life's passion (long-distance bicycling) again.

Good luck to all.

Updated 2003-05-25

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