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Jon Miles - Update - Cycling accident in 1993. Coccyx removed 1999

Rusty - Tailbone pain with constipation

Anonymous - Vioxx has helped, but surgery is an option

Sue Rauschenfels - Gel cushion?

Kim and Alan - Kim is facing surgery

Anonymous - Swollen spot on lower back

Rachel Webb - Long, sharply angled coccyx

Laura - Tailbone pain - no cause

Al - Update - Flat stool

Dan - Killing nerves

Anonymous - Fanny hurts to sit/Feet hurt to stand

Mary W - Pain relief

Louise - Bowen therapy gave relief

Jeri - Need a doc in Seattle, WA area

Diane Sullivan - I am not crazy. I want the pain to stop

Amy - The doctor wants me to see a psychologist

Renee - I have had a tender coccyx all my life

Deidre - Fractured coccyx during childbirth

Anonymous - Could this be coccygodynia?

Anonymous - Update - Coccyx pain for over a year, injections didn't help. Also get pain on intercourse, abdominal pain

Alice - Young sufferers

Pamela - I had the op

Anonymous - Update - Pain, pain, go away- don't come again another day!

Jane - This takes some explaining

Ron - Prolotherapy as a treatment for coccydynia

Katrina - Update - 12 years old and have had a pain in the Butt for 7 months

Jon Exley - Self inflicted bruised coccyx

CS - What a relief to know that I'm not losing my mind

Sara - Slipped downstairs - help!

Linda - CRACK! went my tailbone!

Barb French - I'm looking for help

Phillip - Hello and thank God I happened upon this site

Anonymous - Car accident to blame?

Ann - A comfortable chair

Stacie Pouh - Pain free at last

Anonymous - I am losing all faith in everything

Jeff - Sometimes... fine / sometimes... excruciating

Tanya - Some great news for sore butts!!!!

Helen - Slipped Disc ? Don't think so!

Anonymous - I'm so sick of doctors telling me there is nothing they can do

Liz - I can't sit down because once I do I can't get back up again

Beth - Tailbone removal

Anita Ogletree - THE PAIN!!!

Kerri Johnson - Tailbone pain after childbirth

Kevin - Don't know how it happened, it just showed up

Wendy - Headaches can also be attributed to coccyx - cured by removing coccyx

Melanie - My pain from a broken tailbone is excruciating

Lisa - Update - Rollerblading fall

Kay - I Need Some Relief!!!!

Jo - Burning sensation in the tail bone area

Jim - Everyday is worse than the one before...

Debi - Success in Lexington, SC

Anonymous - Pain came on slowly over 4 years

Tony - Update - I feel like I've had my butt kicked in Texas

Nancy - Tried everything but still in pain

Susan - Started with DNC

Joanne - Doctor said operation could cause loss of use of bowel and womb

Pam - Any suitable surgeons in Florida?

Cindy - Fractured coccyx falling on the ice

Anonymous - I have no idea how my tail bone was broken

Shani - It hurts when I sit down and when I get up

Rory Greenwell - update - Severe pain for over 2 years. Now had coccyx removed

Kellie - Pain without injury

Cori - update - I felt a pop coming from my tailbone area...

Amy - Protruding tailbone

Tricia - Car accident

Jennifer - Pain turned out to be caused by a pilonidal cyst

Len - Physicians in Western Canada?

Jane - Coccyx wags backwards and forwards

Cath - How did this happen?

Laura - Need advice on my coccyx pain

Anonymous - Pain in coccyx with no injury

Wendy - Butt pain

Irene - Need help in NY or NJ for PT and Orthopedist

Anonymous - Had surgery, 7 months pregnant and can't stand the pain

Anonymous - Pain went away

Diane Roberts - Coccygectomy saved my life!

Lavelle McCallister - Daughter had years of pain - any experienced doctors in Florida?

Jenny - Pain caused by childbirth with short labor?

Lisa - No treatment 6 months after childbirth

Kim - Surgery success in Arlington, Texas

Barb - Can't sit, husband getting mad

Sue - Need help

Danielle - Fell down stairs - worst pain that I have ever felt in my life

Anonymous - Surgery Update - 11 weeks post-op

Julie - After trying many treatments, an unusual manual therapy cured the pain

Candy - Coccyx removed 7 years ago - no pain now

Stacie - Slipped on bus steps - now has plantar fasciitis as well as coccyx pain

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