Butt pain

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I haven't been to see the Doctor yet however I believe that I have injured, if not broken or something my coccyx.

On May the 4th some friends and I from work went out on another friends pontoon boat on one of the area lakes. Well, when we came up near "Big Bridge", my friend Pat said, "Hey, lets jump off the bridge" Of course I was up to it. My friend Pat had already done this many times before, but not recently. The last time she did was about 18 years ago. So here I am a 35 year old woman climbing out of the boat and up the steel ladder up to the spot where we were going to jump from. One of our friends estimated that it was a 50 - 60 foot jump from where we were to the water. For me this was a once in a lifetime thing. I of course will never do this again. I'm alive and don't intend to do it again. It didn't really hurt when I did it. I thought that my feet were the first thing in the water. I guess not. I guess my big ole butt was.

Like I said, this was on Friday the 4th of May and it really didn't start hurting until that Sunday after jumping. Well, it has gotten worse, much worse....like I've just read about all these other people...the pain when trying to stand is bad....I have a pretty good tolerance for pain, but this is ridiculous..... Today, was the first day that it has actually been painful driving...thank god that I stand or walk while I'm at work, that is one thing that saves me.... I guess I'll be going to see the doctor when I can get off work to go..

Updated 2001-05-20

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