Young sufferers

Alice -

Hello, this is an 11 year old girl speaking/writing. I am e-mailing you because I can't find anything about children suffering from coccydynia. I was wondering if you knew of any product which is more discreet, as all of my friends would laugh at me if I carried a 2ft long cushion around with me to all of my classes. It was bad enough in primary school (I have been suffering for 3 years) when I couldn't bear the pain any longer and took in a cushion.I don't mind if you show this e-mail.


Reply from Jon Miles:

Sorry to hear that you have been stuck with this problem for so long. It's not only children who don't like carrying cushions around because of what people say - I didn't carry one for a long time, for the same reason. But I know some children can be a lot worse than adults for laughing at you. It would be best if you could get a cushion made that was just big enough for you - maybe half the size of the commercial cushions. You can buy furniture foam (or your parents can) and cut out a piece at the back under the coccyx, and cover it with material.

By the way, did you see the letter from Katrina, 12 years old?

Updated 2001-11-18

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