I am losing all faith in everything


I am now 30. About 7 years ago I had an abscess which was drained under emergency surgery. It grew in size very quickly and during the night it was the size of 2 table tennis balls put together. After this operation I was in pain for the following 5 months and after several visits to the surgeon he said that the sinus that created the abscess needed to be removed because that is why I am still in pain. So this was done. The pain was worse and I could not sit down. I had 3 sets of steroid injections under local in the space of 9 months and this did not help.

I then went to a second, third, fourth and fifth specialist to get some answers. The pain was bad I had just got married and things were getting on top of me, depressed and unable to get any conclusive treatment.

The answers they all gave me was you have to have the coccyx removed. This was my last resort and I turned to alternative medicine. Acupuncture, herbal remedies, osteopathy, and pillows. Nothing was helping.

All the surgeons I went to were spinal. Nov 1999 I had the coccyx removed. What a mistake. If I thought I was in a lot of pain before, after was worse (much). I was given pain killer after pain killer. Went to pain specialists to get various cocktails of drugs. Prozac which was being used as a nerve block and morphine. Nothing was helping. With all the tablets I was taking Jan 2 was the turning point for me, I had the most terrible stomach pain and was rushed to hospital. The tablets had damaged my bowel. From that day I decided no more tablets. I had to find another way.

It took me 6 months to come off all the tablets as they had very bad side effects.

I was recommended to see a neurosurgeon about a year ago. The first thing he said to me was I do not know why they do this operation anymore, the success rate is not good. He said straight away Rhizotomy. If I would have gone to him first I would have probably needed two or three injections now the coccyx has been removed it would need a lot more.

I have had three so far and it has not started to help. I am losing all faith in everything. I will go anywhere and see anyone just to get rid of the pain. MRI scan shows nothing XRAYS shows nothing, but the pain is still there.

Has anyone got any good ideas?

Updated 2001-10-06

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