Headaches can also be attributed to coccyx - cured by removing coccyx


I'll try to keep this brief...

I began getting stabbing pains in my head that would last for only a split second. By the time I would yell out "Ouch" the pain would have already been gone. I sought out help only to be told that they were called "Ice Pick Headaches" and there was no cure nor did they have any idea how they came to be in the first place (what a waste of time).

Eventually the ice pick headaches became more frequent, and then I started to get real nasty headaches. These headaches got persistently worse and finally graduated to the status of "Migraine". Pulling my hair as hard as I could was the only way to rid myself of the pain ...temporarily. Well .....anyways.... About 5 years of gradually accelerating headaches turned into "Butt Pain". Serious, serious butt pain. I couldn't do anything.

As a vocalist it was very difficult to try and sing because of the muscular activity that is required. I was in my graduating year of college and well ...it was hard. Having no idea that the two were related (headaches and butt pain) I found out that I had Coccygodynia or Coccydynia. It was sort of weird how it was discovered. I was sitting in class (at college) and I couldn't take the pain anymore. I just stood up and said "Bill, I got to go to the nurses office cause I can't take the pain in my butt any longer!" (Bill was my teacher) He just sort of looked blank and said, "Okay." I went to the nurses office and of course the standard questions about "Did you have a fall?" or "have you been lifting anything heavy?" etc were all asked. Once that was all out of the way, she began feeling down my spine. As she went lower and lower, I began wondering how far she was going to go and if she was going to have to start talking dirty to me or something. She (luckily) stopped and said she felt something protruding out. She sent me for x-rays. My bottom two vertebrae bent in at a 90 degree angle and the third vertebra stuck outward at a 45 degree angle. It was the third vertebra sticking out that she could feel. It was also determined that it was something that I was born with because there was no apparent scarring of the bone.

I began a little research and found out that at least three other family members in the extended family tree also had coccydynia. One was my grandmother. It took her 98 hours to give birth to my dad. My grandmother always said it was because my dad was lazy. I guess she was only joking. So ..I went through the standard physiotherapy, then cortizone injections and then finally resorted to the surgery in the summer of '99. I did bleed quite a bit but it's in a place that doesn't relax enough to be able to clot very well. It all worked out in the "end" (ha ha). I have been Butt pain free, migraine pain free, as well as "Ice Pick headache" free ever since. I even tried snow boarding and fell on my butt very frequently with no shock waves of pain running up my spine!

Please note that only the bottom two vertebrae were removed. The third vertebra contains all the nerve endings and all the surgeon could do was file it down as far as he could. It still sticks out a bit, but not as much.

So much for keeping this story brief. I really tried. Hope this helps others.

Wendy V.

Updated 2001-08-25

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