The doctor wants me to see a psychologist

Amy -

I have had tailbone pain for the past 5 years, I'm 28 years old.

I have been to many different doctors, one said that I had early signs of osteoarthritis. The last one I went to told me that I had what is called a pain in my coccyx. Its a long weird name. Anyway, he gave me celebrex and basically said that I need to see a psychologist. I am not depressed, but somehow he seems to think that caused this is what he said, it really makes no sense to me. Celebrex does NOTHING at all for me, and is very expensive.

I don't have medical insurance. I am in sooo much pain, that gets worse as the day gets longer. I had never even heard of a pain in a coccyx? Anyone that wants to write me, please do so..

Updated 2001-11-25

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