CRACK! went my tailbone!

Linda -

Please NO laughing at the description of my accident!

I'm female, 50 years old and in fairly decent condition. Went on a vigorous hike up to Carlton Peak overlooking Lake Superior. There was a beautiful view on a perfect October autumn day. To my misfortune there was also a set of four old cement foundation stones from a long-gone fire watch tower. These cement blocks had giant metal bolts sticking up - used to attach angle iron tower legs to, I suppose. I tossed my jacket on one - to allow myself to cool down and have a little trail lunch. Ahhhh...what could be more perfect!

I finished lunch and needed to adjust my hiking boots - without a thought, I firmly plopped my bottom down on the cement block - RIGHT ON TOP OF THE BIG BOLT - CRACK! went my tailbone and I collapsed in sudden pain. My hiking partner assisted me to stand up and I was barely able to move for the pain. I had to hike down and back on 4 1/2 miles of wooded trails!

This happened on October 7, 11 days ago. Now when I sit, turn bend over I am struck with sudden stabs of pain in the coccyx that cause me to cry out.

Can anyone tell me if this sort of thing ever heals without problems? How long could this take? I have read over the web site information, and have book-marked it for future use if healing does not take place. Is there anything I can do to encourage recovery since this is so early in the game? Any suggestions welcomed!


Updated 2001-10-20

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