No treatment 6 months after childbirth


It has been 6 months since I have given birth to my second child. During the birth I had to do some heavy pushing. She was having a hard time coming down so I kept working at it. After one good push she came down, but in the process of her moving down I felt a pop. I told the nurse what I felt, but nothing was ever made of it. After the baby was born and the epidural wore off I thought that I was just sore. I was hoping that's all it was.

The next day I could hardly move. It hurt to lay on my sides, could not lay on my back, could almost not even walk. Childbirth is painful enough - this pain was indescribable. I wanted to scream every time I had to move.

There were never any X-rays done at that time because the doctor said there was nothing that could help it if the tailbone was broken anyway. I suffer through the pain. I cried all the time. When I should have been laying down to get rest after the birth I did a lot of standing because I could not sit, and I was tired of laying on my side.

Well after weeks of severe pain it slowly got better and the popping that I was having with it started to stop. I also started to see a chiropractor which did not make a difference. The problem that I am having at this point is that I can't sit for long periods of time in a chair or in a car. And I am having trouble getting over the fear of doing anything because I am afraid of doing anything that may hurt it all over again.


Updated 2001-04-15

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