Hello and thank God I happened upon this site

Phillip  PJandCG@aol.com

I am 26 and for the past two months have noticed an uncomfortable pain growing from my "butt". . . LOL. I joked for a while with my family and friends stating that I had tail bone cancer, I know not really funny, but I was beginning to worry.

It is 12.30 in the morning and I just got home from an evening at the theatre. Let me say while sitting, trying to enjoy the performance, my bone steadily began to ache.

On the drive home I mentioned to my friend that my butt is getting worse. He laughed and said once again for me to go to the doctor. I hate doctors, although mine is very cute. I can just imagine the situation. Hey doc, as I pull my pants down, my butt hurts.

OK, back to getting home tonight. I decided to go to web MD, research my problem. Bang coccyx whatever pops up on the screen and your site soon follows.

I am not crazy . . I am not alone . . I do not have "butt cancer". I still am in pain though, although I feel better because I am not alone. . .

Updated 2001-10-14

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