Burning sensation in the tail bone area

Jo -  LJOEDOVE@aol.com

My husband has been suffering from a burning sensation in the tail bone area for months. One colo-rectal doctor said he had a rectal fissure and suggested repairing this, but not removing the tail bone. He said removing the tail bone was an old procedure and that he rarely performed this surgery any more because the results were usually not good. I might add that this doctor said there was no pilonidal cyst.

My husband had the fissure repaired but still had the pain or burning sensation as he describes it. He next went to a surgeon who said there was a pilonidal cyst and just in case the pain was not coming from it, he would remove the tail bone just to be on the safe side. After this surgery, he developed an infection and it took months for the incision to heal.

It has now been about a year, and he still has this same burning sensation worse than ever. He hurts now when he is standing. It was only hurting when he was sitting. He says this burning is in the area below where his incision is. He feels like it he could take a knife and split that area he would feel better. I might add that there was no redness, swelling, or drainage to even indicate a pilonidal cyst before he had the surgery. Since his incision has healed, every thing on the outside looks normal. I would like to know if anyone has had a similar problem. He is very discouraged.

Thanks, Jo

Updated 2001-08-25

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