Tailbone pain - no cause

Laura - laura@higgins-thorne.on.ca

I have had a pain in my tailbone since January of 2001 after a 7-hour drive. The pain went away in the next day or so. But the pain recurred in small bouts over the next few months, particularly after sitting in chairs that caused me to "lean back" (eg. theatre seats). However, in June, the pain worsened significantly and was pretty much constant. I tried sitting on a donut cushion and taking Advil. I tried physiotherapy. The physiotherapy treatment of ice and ultrasound seemed to help a little, but some of the exercises aggravated the pain. I got X-rays which showed nothing. The only treatment that seemed to have any effect was acupuncture. And for me, I felt worse for the first day or so after the acupuncture, but then felt a lot better in subsequent days.

Since September, the pain has been greatly reduced and only recurs when I have been sitting in a bad chair, or driving for a long period of time--and then I usually recover quite quickly. I have been trying to reduce foods from my diet that tend to aggravate inflammation in the body. This may be helping too. Reducing the stress in my life has also helped. I find that when I am under a lot of pressure or emotional strain the pain is worse or recurs more often.

I have a bone scan scheduled and am not sure if it is going to be of any help in finding out what the problem is. The doctor suggested it when we weren't sure what to do next. But I am very uneasy about having foreign substances put into my body (particularly if they are radioactive) and so am very nervous about having it done...especially if it is not useful at all. Did anyone have any results from a bone scan that explained their tailbone pain?

Has anyone ever found a bone spur on the inside, rather than the outside (where you could feel it) of the tailbone? Could this be a cause?

I would love to hear from anyone with similar experiences or any insight causes/solutions.


Updated 2001-12-09

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