Tailbone pain after childbirth

Kerri Johnson kjohnsonusa@mail.com

I want to thank you so much for your site! I (like many others I've read) have had severe tailbone pain after giving birth. To stand-up from a sitting position was extremely painful and sitting on a hard surface was just unthinkable. I voiced my pain to my doctor who said it was probably just 'severe bruising' from childbirth since I pushed so hard for so long. When the pain wasn't going away, my husband and I insisted on x-rays which showed nothing. My doctor was still concerned about my pain and said he wanted to refer me to an orthopedic surgeon for more evaluation (I luckily have a caring doctor).

I had several people tell me that pain from a tailbone injury could last up to two years - which had me very worried, especially when I think about returning to work which involves lots of getting up and down from sitting (ouch). Today I decided to search the internet for more information and found your site. I now know this is what I have and am so relieved I know what the pain is from! I've printed out several pages and are taking them with me to my appointment with the orthopedic doctor. My husband is very worried after reading about coccyx problems, but I'm relieved I now have answers and know things can be done. Thank you again for posting all this information. I found no other site containing information on this subject and will keep posting my experience for others to learn from.

Kerri Johnson

Anthem, Arizona

Updated 2001-09-02

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