Pain caused by childbirth with short labor?


I was very interested in Mary Bisago's article (March 2000) with regard to short labors possibly being a contributory factor.

I first experienced pain when I was expecting my eldest child twenty four years ago, but it disappeared after he was born, I subsequently had two other sons, although I do not remember having coccyx pain with pregnancies. My first labor was 8 hours which is relatively short for a first born, it was a normal delivery although there were some complications and my son was born with dislocated hips (which were thankfully rectified before he was 6 months old). My subsequent labors were very short, around 2 hours.

I am now 50 years old and have been suffering pain again for approximately four years, having read the ' What is coccydynia?' page I can relate to some of the possible causes, I am presently overweight although I have joined a weight watchers group because I thought this may be the reason I am suffering again. My GP prescribed Ibrufen but it did not help. The level of pain fluctuates from really painful to none at all, although a fall a couple of years ago may have aggravated the problem it was not the cause because I was already suffering pain.

I would be interested to know if any link has been made with women who have had hysterectomy's as I know of other ladies who also suffer and we have all had the same operation.

Updated 2001-04-25

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