Hello coccyx pain comrades,

It is so nice to find this site. Thank you all for sharing your experience. I too have had coccyx pain for 8 months. I tried massage, ant-inflammation drugs for a month, a chiropracter, and a cortisone shot. No luck. Actually, the shot made it worse for two weeks. One Dr. gave me a preliminary diagnosis of localized arthritis.

I spend most of my day standing. Now my feet have started to hurt. Life is getting more and more challenging. My coccyx pain gets bad enough when I sit for a short period of time. I am so worried about a long flight that I'm afraid to travel. The pain gets worse when I lean back in a chair. Even sitting on my cushion for more than half an hour hurts. I do get ok sleep. My husband cut a hole in my heavy foam pad on my bed, so every night I can sleep over the hole.

Update 18 months later:

I got better when I started to eat more red meat and walk everyday. I still have to be careful. But I am so much better than a year ago.

Updated 2001-05-14

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