Self inflicted bruised coccyx

Jon Exley

I bruised my coccyx in April this year, while playing soccer with friends. I'm 26 and it has to be my most painful experience yet.

I really didn't think I would fully recover, but two or three weeks later I was back to normal, and my whole back felt stronger than ever. This wasn't acheived by anything more than regular exercise and common sense. I haven't experienced a relapse - but I'm always cautious and try to exercise every day.

I believe it was a combination of factors which contributed to my injury - all self-inflicted - sitting too long in front of my pc at work, snowboarding falls, soft bed, not warming up enough before sports, and heavy drinking the night before!!

I have now learnt my lesson, but I'm sure I'll suffer again in the future.

Updated 2001-10-28

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