Killing nerves

Dan -

My name is Dan and I am a school psychologist in RI.

I have suffered with coccyx pain for several years. I have had surgery to remove my tailbone, implanted electronic devices directly on the site (a major surgery to me) and I currently have an implanted morphine pump set at a high level which releases morphine directly in my spine. This pump is big and quite disfiguring and a sort of last resort given the dangers of having things inserted in your spinal column which relies on machinery and a computer chip. Even this has not significantly helped me anymore than taking medications orally did.

At this point it is recommended that I have the nerves around the site where it was removed. I wonder if anyone has had this procedure and how well it worked. Particularly someone who has had their coccyx removed prior to this treatment. Having had so many failures I am extremely worried about having this one.

If anyone knows about this please contact me

Thank you.............


Updated 2001-12-02

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