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Mary W -

This site is wonderful. You may use my story. I hope it helps someone.

My coccydynia was caused by the doctors trying to turn my baby. First I thought I was crazy. The doctors made me feel this way too. Finally I found a doctor who helped me out of sheer true concern. After two years of constant pain, not able to lift my baby and not able to sleep. He gave me back my life. He tried the injections, which helped for a few months. He then put me on a drug called Cataflam 50mg three times daily. (I tried others, which didn't help the pain go away) There are hardly any side effects and I can function like a normal person with this. Once the tablet wears off I can tell and it usually takes 20 minutes for the pill to take effect.

I understand the women who pain increases during their menstrual cycle. My pain does as well, but I just increase the dosage that week (4 times daily). I hope someone can get relief from this drug as I have. It has truly given me back my life. Thanks to that wonderful doctor who believed my pain. By the way.. at the time he treated me he was 76 years old! Since he has died, but I will always thank God for him!

Mary W.

Note from Jon Miles - Cataflam is a brand name for diclofenac, sold under many other names, and found by other people to be helpful with this pain.

Updated 2001-11-25

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