I felt a pop coming from my tailbone area...

Cori - COwen98@aol.com

I have been having tailbone problems since summer 2000. I think it might have happened when my horse decided he didn't feel much like riding and he decided to try to buck me off. Well, he wasn't successful but after he bucked me about 10 times about a week or two later I started to have tailbone pain.

I have seen 2 orthopedic surgeons and my PC doc and NONE of them have any type of answer or cure for me. I too went to the Texas Back Institute and found it to be of little or no help. I can't even get the stupid place to call me back to make a follow up appt. Sheesh! The doctor at the TBI told me to see a chiropractor, but I still haven't tried that, I'm too chicken.

Anyway, my pain seems to be getting progressively worse and tonight while out to eat at a restaurant I moved forward in my chair and felt a "pop" in my tailbone. Has anyone else experienced this? It was pretty painful.

Anyway, the two orthopedics told me that I probably just pull the ligaments in my tailbone and that there is really not much you can do about that. I did have an MRI done on the area and according to both doctors and the radiologist, it did not show anything broken or otherwise wrong...now what? Has anyone else been told that they tore ligaments in their tailbone?

I have tried to use a "doughnut" while sitting at the computer and driving, but it doesn't seem to do a whole lot. I am also starting to get tingling in my left leg and mostly my left foot, constantly! Has anyone had this problem that they might be able to attribute to the tailbone?

Update July 2001

Since I last posted a message I have had 2 sets of Cortisone (dep/medrol) shots. I think they helped a bit but the pain is back again.

I went to a PT and she told me that my body is out of alignment and that is why I am having the tailbone pain. She said my hips were really out of alignment. She worked on my tailbone from the outside and gave me some exercises to do when I got home. I decided not to go back because I don't really have too much faith in PT's. My doctor, the anesthesiologist, sent me to see one PT that actually does the manual manipulation on the tailbone through the rectum. They put me with another PT and said she actually specializes in tailbone injury, so I went to see her and decided that what she was doing and what she told me to do at home was bogus. I live out in the country and do not live anywhere near a PT so the thought of going 2 times a week for six weeks just wasn't going to work!

Anyway, I just wanted to update everyone on my latest attempts at pain relief. I also saw a chiropractor about 5 times and he adjusted my tailbone each time and I think it actually did a some good, but again, he is so far away from my home, that with work and taking care of many animals at my house, I do not have time to see him on a regular basis.

Ok, now for my big question: Has anyone out there had a Rhizotomy done on their tailbone? That is what my doctor is now suggesting. She said she and her brother, also an anesthesiologist, and herself have done several with good results. Her brother only had one patient that it did not work. I had a rhizotomy 10 years ago by the same doctor, for an upper back injury and I think it worked well, but I don't know how well it will work on a tailbone. I would like to hear back from anyone out there that has had a rhizotomy or is thinking about it and what they think. Please post this message and let them see my email. If anyone has any suggestions or comments they can email me at COwen98@aol.com. Thanks so much for your time. Sorry this is so long and messy, but I am in a huge hurry! =)


Updated 2001-07-01

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