Slipped Disc ? Don't think so!


About 3 years ago I damaged my back lifting weights in the gym - which resulted in me going to the doctor where she told me that I had slipped a disc - the pain was awful and I ended up being off work for quite some time.

After bone scans and MRI scans it was decided that I should have the injection and maniuplation for my coccyx. After having this done I must admit the pain did ease but it came back with a vengence and continued to get worse. So again after several hospital visits I was put on the waiting list for the same procedure - which after 3 cancellations I was finally admitted.

This time it did not work and as a result I am now having physio - because the surgeon doesn't know what else to do - I've been told that the surgeon could have disturbed the coccyx which has had an effect on my pelvis, saccum (both have slipped) - anyone have any suggestions? I just don't want that man going anywhere near me ever again!

Before all this happended I was a fitness fanatic - but now haven't been able to go to the gym which is frustrating!

Updated 2001-09-24

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