Coccygectomy saved my life!

Diane Roberts of Riverside, California -

Please include my e-mail address if you decide to post my story. Part of my success stemmed from the ability to contact a couple of other women personally who had coccygectomies. Their support was wonderful.

I've been trying to decide what would be the best way to convey my experience in a "short but sweet" fashion. I've decided to go for the "" approach! Some of the bullets may not actually have anything to do with why I suffered from coccydynia but since they were considered by the multitude of professionals I consulted, I've decided to include them.

Here's the most incredible part:

Thanks again, Jon, for your efforts and I would be happy to correspond with anyone considering a coccygectomy as I truly believed that it saved my life!


Diane Roberts of Riverside, California

Updated 2001-05-08

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