Need a doc in Seattle, WA area

Jeri -

I broke my tailbone for the first time when I was 14. It became abcessed and was a thoroughly nasty experience.

About 3 weeks ago, the day before I was to leave for a year ago planned 6 day Vegas trip, my office chair ran out from under my butt while I was leaning over to get something out of a cabinet.

I fell full weight on my tailbone on the hard chair mat. I have been in almost constant pain ever since.

The day after my return, I was trying to get caught up on the work I had missed and the dang chair did it again (seatbelts maybe?). Since I had to leave again in 2 days, I decided to see my doc and hope for some relief. She gave me the " we don't treat that, take tylenol and use a donut pillow" advice and I went sadly on my way. The second trip was even more difficult.

I am hoping that someone out there has the name of a good doc in the Seattle area or Edmonds area.

Thanks, Jeri

Updated 2001-11-25

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