Need help in NY or NJ for PT and Orthopedist

Irene -

I'm using my husband Larry's e-mail since I'm home after the 2nd car accident hurt my coccyx again (coccygodynia, sacrum and sprain). I had a MRI test and got diagnosed with 2 herniated discs on spine: a small one L3-4, another one L5-S1. And a disc bulge on spine L4-5. Luckily none are leaning on a nerve. I'm home on disability recovering for at least 7 weeks. I already sore (misspelled) an orthopedist, who says not much for treatment except anti-inflammatory and Physical Therapy or traction.

After reading website, I ordered coccyx seat cushions: Relaxo-Bak and a Tush-cush. I like Tush-cush better.

I don't tolerate well NSAID's. Did anyone ever try Celebrex medicine? I have some stomach problem with it too.

Is there any good Physical Therapist in New Jersey or New York? Also the name of a good orthopedist? Any type of PT that works?

You can e-mail back to me at husband Larry's e-mail:

Is a good chatroom to join?


Irene Hart

Updated 2001-05-20

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