Had surgery, 7 months pregnant and can't stand the pain


I have learned a lot reading your site, and thank god I found it. I live in the US, in Connecticut next to New York.

My doctor is treating me terribly, I have to get a new one. I guess a Neurosurgeon is best. I am in tears. The doctor walked out from my last appointment, and I said "wait, what are you going to do for me?" He says nothing - I am pregnant. This is after he told me, when I announced my pregnancy, that I was crazy and should of had my tubes tied. Last visit he said that he gave me the ratings he did for disability because it doesn't matter what he says, or me, that anyone would say that I had no business getting pregnant if my back and neck hurt this much. He is cold hearted.

I fell on ice in January 99 going to work. It was black ice with no salt or sand, I had a laptop in my hand which must of twisted and weighed me down. I waited one year to have the tail bone removed as the doctor said I would not be able to walk if I broke it at the joint. The only thing that looked bad out of an MRI and bone scan was that there was no fracture line, just a total black tail bone. I was told I probably hit a blood supply and killed it to the bone. My neck and head and arm ribs were hurt too. Maybe my headaches (still present) and neck are from the back, from what I am reading.

I had the tailbone out in January 2000 and was told it was a mobile fracture, which explains why I live with 2 tush cushes and kneel at my desk and can't drive to work 5 days a week. I was pregnant at the time of surgery and didn't know it and the doctor said "well, the worst that could happen is you lose it", and I did! Now he is outright cold and not treating me due to another pregnancy. I am 7 months and can't stand the pain, my hips kill me and my pelvic bone too, I CAN'T SLEEP! If I do fall asleep I wake up with bad pain and use ice and tylenol.

I know I am rambling, but I have to have relief. I feel like an idiot and that no one believes me, even the doctor that did the surgery and saw the break! I am told 'no' to what I tell him. He said just because I say I can't sleep and sit and have my child (4 year old) sit on my lap or do any activities or school at night or workout or clean that I still have no effect on my life. I almost wish I was paralyzed so I wouldn't be in pain. I can't do anything anyway.

I have never missed worked except for the surgery, or the day here or there for test and epidural injections (they do help). My vacation time for 2.5 years has been all related to my injuries.

When it is your tail bone and a workers comp case it is a double whammy against you and you. I just want to be pain free, a zillion dollars from workers comp isn't going to get me anywhere if no one will help me. I wasn't checked again after the surgery to see the status of the sacrum or pelvis, I am in PT for pain relief and the doctor didn't even schedule another appointment for me.

It is an embarrassing injury and you are treated like a crazy person and it can drive you crazy. I get scared thinking about my life tomorrow, next week, next year, 5 years, I imagine in 10 I will be unable to function at all.

I currently can hardly walk up stairs, I don't know why going down is o.k. but I think I look like someone with multiple sclerosis or something when attempting walking upstairs, especially the more tired or worn out my back is!

I am having a c-section and a cortizone epidural injection the day after the baby is born in July but think that I should give up on the Ortho now and get a Neurologist and should of went to a neurosurgeon before.

A few months ago I would of said I was better by 40% prior to surgery, but I never slept then and lived on pain pills and ice packs!

Updated 2001-05-20

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